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Tettra is a simple internal wiki built for Slack teams

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When your team is small, it’s easy to stay in the loop. Quick, casual in person conversations, 1-on-1 chats, and emails keep you on top of everything.

As your team grows, communication becomes more difficult. Information is scattered. It’s hard to know where to get answers. Company-wide emails become a nuisance.

Having a place to document who you are, what you do, and how to achieve results is critical to scaling the culture of your team.


At HubSpot (I helped grow the team from 5 to 1000+ employees), part of what helped us scale fast and still maintain our culture was our extensive use of an internal wiki.

Mike Volpe - CMO, HubSpot 2007-2015

Scale your Team’s knowledge

People Ops

Unlock the tribal knowledge trapped in your teammates heads to onboard new employees quickly.


Keep your sales playbook at your reps' fingertips to close more deals.


Generalize solutions to common problems to help your support reps answer tickets more quickly.


Document complex infrastructure, workflows, and who owns what.


Keep your teammates up to date with the latest results for your ongoing campaigns.


Provide the latest logos, colors and guidelines to keep your brand consistent.

Surprisingly Simple Features


Login with your Slack account

No need to manage another account for your team. Your teammates can use their Slack logins to access Tettra.

Slash Command

Someone asking for something that's already documented? Share wiki pages straight into Slack with a slash command.

Don't miss anything important

Our Slack notifications will keep you and your up-to-date with the latest and greatest content.

Beautiful, readable layout

Most wiki tools are ugly and hard to read. Tettra pages are easy to read on any device.

Straightforward editor

No need to fiddle with complex markup languages. Just start typing and you're good to go. We even support markdown if that's your thing.

Stay organized

Categories help you make sure you keep relevant content together.

Control who can see what

Tettra allows you to chose who can see what. Helpful for storing and sharing sensitive information.

Find answers quickly

Tettra helps you to quickly find content with powerful search. No need to scroll through days of history to find answers.