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Project Management Techniques

Why we built this course

Thousands of teams use Tettra to document their knowledge. They use our knowledge management software in countless different ways: documentation for product & engineering sprints, logging the outcomes of marketing campaigns, or making the onboarding process easier for new hires. The use cases are nearly as diverse as our customers are. One common thread, however, is how teams use Tettra to manage their projects more effectively. No matter what kind of team you’re on, you likely manage different projects or initiatives. And as you’ve probably observed, a well-managed project is far more likely to succeed than one that’s handled in a sloppy way. This course will help you get even better at managing your team’s projects effectively.

Who this course is for

This course seeks to help anyone who’s spearheading a project on his or her team. Often, especially for smaller, high-performance teams, everyone manages projects. Whether your actual job title is “project manager” or you simply play this role as part of your regular “day job”, this course will equip you with useful tips, guidance, and templates.

How the lessons are structured

Each lesson includes a one minute video, giving a quick synopsis of the topic. The written material expands on that synopsis, offering more detail on how to put the idea into practice. The lessons don’t necessarily need to be done in order, so feel free to jump around if there are specific topics that are most relevant to you.

What you’ll learn

After finishing all seven lessons, you’ll have a better understanding of project management techniques. This includes guidance on:
  • How to define a project’s goals and scope
  • The importance of having a directly responsible individual
  • How to set and maintain project timelines
  • Why good, updated documentation can help you reach your goals
  • How to keep projects on track and help everyone stay accountable
Ultimately, this course aims to teach you how to manage and document your projects well. With strong project management, your team can collaborate and succeed together.