Courses Company Wiki Best Practices Lesson 1

What is Documentation and Why Should I Care?

What we’ve seen, in working with thousands of the best companies across the world, is that good documentation helps teams move faster, make better decisions, and scale effectively. But what is documentation? In short, it’s the process of taking the information that people carry around with them and writing it down. We’re excited to help you document this knowledge in Tettra, and we’re going to teach you some best practices along the way.

What to document

This information might be purely factual, (like your wifi network/password) or it might be more procedural, (like how to write an incident postmortem.) We’ll cover these different types of knowledge in Lesson 9, in case you want to read up on this further. Regardless of what you document, you’re not only helping the team to perform better, but you’re also mitigating risks. After all, if someone on your team won the lottery tomorrow and moved to Tahiti, would you be able to pick up the pieces and continue managing that person’s responsibilities without them?
You’ll find that documenting these things helps everyone move faster, make better decisions, and repeat themselves less. Empower every member of your team by helping them access the info they need to do their jobs well.
We’re so thrilled you signed up for Tettra, and we can’t wait to take this journey with you!

Your assignment

Use our template, Why I'm trying Tettra, to get others on your team on board with better documentation. And give yourself a pat on the back for starting down the road towards great documentation. If you're feeling ambitious, (you go getter you!) come on along to the next lesson in this series.