How to Ensure All Members of Your Team Comply with GDPR

Kristen Craft | May 25, 2018

Given the new regulations around personal information, it’s more important than ever that everyone on your team understands how data is used and where it’s stored. We created this Tettra template to make the process easier. It lets you create one single source of truth on how you use personal information at your company and how to comprehensively delete a person’s data, should you need to.

About GDPR

If you’re a business with an online presence, you likely already know about GDPR: it’s the new law that regulates how companies use the personal data of EU residents. The goal of GDPR is to protect individuals and their “digital rights.” Because SaaS companies (or any companies with an online presence) so frequently work with customers from many different countries, GDPR impacts companies in America, Australia, and other places, just as much as it impacts European ones.

GDPR also raises the bar on consent. Any time you’re using someone’s personal information, the user must have given their explicit consent, and you must have a record that they did so. This doesn’t mean that you need to have an opt-in consent checkbox on everything. Rather, you may not use personal info for a purpose other than what was originally intended when the user signed up.

The Importance of Teamwide Compliance

What you may not realize is how critical it is that you share knowledge, internally, about GDPR changes. Each company must educate team members about the new laws, as well as the measures you’re taking to abide by them, such as updated terms of services or privacy policies.

The risk, if you fail to do this effectively, is that members of your company may not even realize they’re in violation. This could result in penalties, fines, or a hit to your brand and trustworthiness as an organization. It’s critical that all members of the company understand the new regulations (and the ways in which you use data,) so that their actions don’t cross any lines.

This risk is compounded by the fact that most of us use a variety of tools for sales, marketing, support, and customer success. Many of these tools tap into your database, making it harder to root out exactly where and how an individual’s data is stored. When a customer approaches, asking you to hard delete all of their data, do you even know all of the places where you need to go? Does your team know?

Educating Your Team and Logging How Data is Used

Luckily, we’ve built a Tettra GDPR template to make this process easier. It provides a framework to educate team members about what GDPR is and what changes you’ve enacted in your company. Most importantly, it helps you document the ways in which you use data and the places where data is stored, so that you can comprehensively delete all of someone’s data if they request you do so. 

In case you’re curious, here’s how we think about GDPR at Tettra. We’re bullish on protecting our customers’ digital rights and respecting their privacy. This is why we developed this framework for communicating our approach to GDPR and making it easier for everyone at Tettra to stay informed about how to abide by the new regulations. We’re eager to support other companies in taking these same measures to ensure they’re doing right by their audience. Protect yourself, your brand, and your customers by staying on top of how you comply with GDPR.