Episode #1


Pushing Past Pushing: How to Create a Pull Culture of Leadership with David Cancel

Read almost any job description and “driven” is likely there. So why do most leaders feel they have to push teams towards goals or deadlines? Where does that trust in inner drive go? David Cancel talks to us about how to harness that drive so you never have to push your team again.

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Episode #2


Corporate Values: The Difference Between Posturing and Action with Sally Sosa of IDEO

We’ve all witnessed companies that merely pay lip service to company values. IDEO, on the other hand, leverages the organization’s values in everything they do. Sally Sosa, Global Talent Director of Culture and Communications, explains how IDEO’s values help create alignment. This alignment impacts the product, brand, customer experience, and team. She also uncovers tips for bringing people “along on the journey,” so that they feel ownership over new initiatives.

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Episode #3


A New Kind of Leadership: How Salesforce Develops High-Level Individual Contributors

Salesforce takes an innovative approach to growing leaders without increasing direct reports. In this episode, we talk with Mathew Sweezey from Salesforce. He’s a high-level individual contributor, focused on research, writing, and speaking. Through his work envisioning the future of marketing, he has a massive impact on the culture at Salesforce, while also driving sales and marketing innovation within the business community.

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Sneak Peak


Rewarding Failure: How Udacity Separates Truth From Nonsense

Does your organization encourage your team to fail? If not, it probably should. Hear more on why Udacity actually rewards failure from their VP of Careers and People Ops, Kathleen Mullaney.

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