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“With a support team spread around three continents and five time-zones, a place to keep easily accessible, up-to-date knowledge and information is of the essence. Tettra’s slick wiki has empowered the team. We can learn and share new knowledge despite the distance and time difference. Tettra has been a cornerstone of our success in reducing response times and providing a better support experience for our customers."
Luis Hernandez, VP Customer Success at Geckoboard
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How Tettra helps

  • Scale your product experts

    Quickly onboard new teammates with up-to-date and accessible product knowledge so they can quickly and confidently solve customer problems.

    Scale your product experts features
  • Share knowledge quickly in Slack features

    Share knowledge quickly in Slack

    Our slack integration makes it quick and easy to exchange knowledge with teammates when speed matters.

  • Standardize repetitive answers

    Reduce response times and provide a better, more accurate support experience for your customers with standardized answers to common questions.

    Standardize repetitive answers features
  • Find out what engineering is up to features

    Find out what engineering is up to

    Tettra is also designed with product and engineering teams in mind. That way, you'll have a "single source of truth" for all product knowledge and updates.

15-day free trial, no credit card required

How to use Tettra across your team

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    Customer teams
    With support documentation, make sure support reps give every customer the perfect response in less time.
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    Document complex infrastructure, workflows, and who owns what.
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    Onboard new employees quickly by releasing the knowledge trapped in your teammates’ heads.
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    Write up the winning strategies for your most successful campaigns.