Tettra lets you build a Google Drive wiki

Collect all your team’s Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and everything else into an internal wiki with Tettra.


Many small teams start documenting their knowledge in Google Docs. At a certain point, though, they find they need a better solution: one designed expressly for documentation. This often happens when teams grow larger than 10-15 people. At 10-15 people, Google Drive becomes an unwieldy solution for housing internal documentation. If you’ve hit this point yourself, Tettra makes it easy to migrate over. Our knowledge management system integrates with Google Drive, so you call embed existing content in a Tetra page or reference it inline. You can even leverage our API to bulk import content into Tettra. If you’re ready to graduate from Googe Docs, Tettra can help your team grow and thrive together

Import Google Docs right into Tettra

Tettra lets you import your Google Docs as wiki pages. All your formatting will stay the same, so you don't have to waste time making things look right.

Reference Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in seconds and connect all your tools together

Sharing to your Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Files in Google Drive couldn't be easier. Use Tettra's Inline Mentions to link to your documents without ever leaving your wiki.

Connect your pages together

A good wiki uses internal links between all your pages to tie information together in a navigable way. Google Docs doesn't let you easily link between pages, but Tettra does. You can use Tettra Page Mentions to link all your pages together in a breeze.

Tettra even plays nice with all your tools. You can connect Github, Dropbox, and more to make it easy to share knowledge on your team, then pull it all into Slack right in your chat conversations. With Tettra you'll never have to repeat yourself again.

Permissions that actually work

Google Docs are private by default and always in draft mode, which works great for documents but not for sharing knowledge. Tettra is open by default and there's a clear published state for all your knowledge. That means people will be able to find what they need and trust it's the current source of truth.

Keep your content up to date automatically

Tettrabot helps you keep your content up to date by alerting you what your team needs updated or helping you archive pages people don't need to see anymore.