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Organize and share the knowledge your team needs to get work done

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Why we built
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    When your team is small

    It’s easy to stay in the loop with in-person conversations, 1-on-1 chats, & team emails.

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    As you grow

    Information gets scattered across an endless stream of email threads, chat logs, and documents. Having to ping teammates to find answers is time consuming and distracting.

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    Tettra gives you

    A centralized place for your company to document who you are, what you do, and how to achieve results.

What users are saying
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"Tettra gives our team the organization that Google Docs doesn't. Tettra's ease of use and non-existent setup time meant we started organizing and sharing information quickly - our team quickly started creating pages for use cases we hadn't even though of."

Duncan Walker, Head of Product at Jebbit
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Existing systems fail
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    Old school company wikis and intranets are bloated, hard to use, and even harder to get adopted by your team.
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    Trying to find knowledge in your day-to-day work documents is disorganized and chaotic mess.
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    Ever been excited to use a LMS? “Learning Management Systems” are tedious and boring for your teammates.
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Tettra is a better way
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    Since Tettra is simple, your employees will actually want to read and contribute knowledge.
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    Knowledge sharing already happens in chat, so we built Tettra to work hand-in-hand with Slack.
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    Page ownership helps your team keep pages up-to-date so your wiki isn’t a knowledge graveyard.
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How your teammates can use Tettra
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    People Ops
    Release the knowledge trapped in your teammates’ heads to onboard new employees quickly.
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    Keep your sales playbook well documented and at your reps' fingertips to close more deals.
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    With support documentation, make sure support reps give every customer the perfect response in less time.
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    Document complex infrastructure, workflows, and who owns what.
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    Write up the winning strategies for your most successful campaigns.
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    Provide the latest logos, colors and guidelines to keep your brand consistent.
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"We use Slack, and with our growth we needed an easy scalable company wiki to help with onboarding, Goals, HR, technical knowledge no matter what department you are in. Tettra covers it all - and makes it so easy to create manage and access our content."
Eli Mather, Product Manager at Teikametrics
Surprisingly Simple Features
  • Make it easy for anyone to contribute knowledge

    Tettra’s simple page editor makes it easy for anyone to contribute. No need to learn a complex markup language or special syntax.

    Make it easy for anyone to contribute knowledge features
  • Quickly answer questions where they’re asked features
    Quickly answer questions where they’re asked

    Someone asking a question on Slack that's already documented? Since Tettra is integrated with Slack, you can share knowledge quickly in your conversations with a slash command.

  • Find out what people want to know

    Knowing all the questions your teammates want answered is challenging. Requests will make that a little easier by enabling your team to ask for new Tettra pages.

    Find out what people want to know features
  • Keep content from getting stale features
    Keep content from getting stale

    Outdated content can discourage your team from using and contributing knowledge. Assigning pages to the best person will make sure content is kept up to date or archived.

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"At Tettra, we believe having an open and transparent culture, free of roadblocks, empowers teams to do their best work. Communication and access to information should be open to every team member, from the CEO to the newest intern."
Andy Cook, Founder of Tettra