Tettra Integrations

We’ve built Tettra to be simple, smart, and connected. You can connect your Tettra account to all of the other tools you love, so that documentation becomes easier than ever. Rather than recreating documentation in multiple places, you can reference it in Tettra, so you have a hub for all your scattered resources and tools. This means the whole team knows where to go, rather than hunting around in different places.

Slack Integration

No more time-consuming content switching! You and your team can search for and share documentation without ever leaving Slack. You can also connect specific Tettra categories to the relevant Slack channel so that the team can see when new Tettra pages are published or existing ones get updated. Last but not least, turn a Slack conversation into well-documented knowledge. You can suggest new documentation right inside of Slack with message actions. Learn more about our Slack integration here.

Google Drive Integration

Our integration with Google Drive lets you embed a reference to any Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide Deck without ever leaving Tettra. This means no more recreating your documentation in multiple places and no more hunting for URLs. Anyone with access to your file within Google Drive will be able to access the materials you reference on your Tettra page.

For more information on the Google Drive integration, check out our help center article.

GitHub Integration

So many Tettra customers rely on GitHub to document and manage their products. With the GitHub integration, you can reference GitHub issues inline on a Tettra page and see certain pieces of meta-information about the issue:

  • Labels
  • Timestamp
  • The number of comments on the issue
  • Whether the issue is open or closed
  • Comments on pages
  • New and closed page requests

For more information on the GitHub integration, check out our help center article.


We built our automated documentation on top of Zapier, so you can tap into the 1000+ tools with integrations on their platform. This means that you can set up automated workflows to create documentation for the things that you use most often.

For more information on the Zapier integration, check out our help center article.