A simple, smart, and connected team knowledge base

Tettra is a knowledge management tool for modern teams

Tettra is Simple

So every person on your team can contribute

Better organization with a centralized home for resources

Most teams use lots of tools to share information: Google Docs, Dropbox, and GitHub, among others. Tettra helps you aggregate everything in one place, making it easier to onboard new employees and find documents.

Let everyone contribute to documentation and sharing

Sharing knowledge is a team sport. Tettra makes it easy for everyone to get involved with our simple, intuitive page editor. Tettra is open by default but gives you the permissions you need to make sure only the right people have editing rights.

Answer repetitive questions quickly in Slack

If you’re like most of us, you probably find yourself answering the same questions again and again. With Tettra, you can privately search for answers, and when you find something you want to share, you can share it publicly to any Slack channel.

Tettra is Smart

So you don’t have to spend lots of time doing maintenance

Find out what you need to add or update

Ideally, you’re only documenting the things that people actually need. Get an accurate view of what’s needed by letting team members suggest pages and edits to existing information. Read more about Smart Suggestions here.

See what content is most useful for teammates

Get daily updates on how your pages are performing. See how many people view them, react to them, or comment on them. You’ll also see when new pages are created and be reminded of open suggestions.

Keep documents up-to-date automatically

Most knowledge management tools quickly fill up with out of date content. Our Automated Smart Suggestions notify you when a popular page hasn’t been updated in a while or prompts you to archive something that’s not being used.

Tettra is Connected

So your team actually uses it!

Stay on Top of Changes with Notifications in Slack

When collaboration tools live on an island, people tend to forget about them. That’s why we built a tight integration with Slack. Whenever you create or update a page, a notification gets pumped into Slack. This means your team reads what you’re sharing, and everyone is always on the same page.

Save Time with Templates

We want to save you time on routine tasks. Why recreate the wheel every time you onboard a new employee or kickoff a new campaign? Templates can auto-populate a page with the info you need.

Automate documentation with integrations

Integrations with other tools make your life easier. Create a workflow for new emails with a certain tag or automatically create new pages for recurring team meetings. Read about our integrations with a Google DocsGitHubDropboxZapier.