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We help businesses empower their employees to do their best work
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More than ever before, we have instant access to information and one another. In seconds, we can find answers, connect with people, and share our voice with the world.

But when we go to work, these same tasks are frustrating, complex, or impossible. We can’t find answers quickly. We have barriers between us and our teammates.

It’s time our work lives caught up to the rest of our lives. It’s time to stop searching for how to do our jobs and instead start maximizing our ability to do them well.

Want to see how Tettra can help empower your employees?
At Tettra,

we believe having an open and transparent culture, free of roadblocks, empowers teams to do their best work. That means that communication and access to information are open to every team member, from the CEO to the newest intern.

Our Product

Our founders experienced first-hand just how powerful a transparent culture can be at a company called HubSpot. We built our knowledge management platform to bring that type of culture to more teams around the world.

For knowledge workers on fast growing teams, Tettra makes it easy to organize and share knowledge because it connects directly to Slack.

We know how Slack does wonders for enabling transparent communication. Since so much knowledge sharing already happens in Slack, we built Tettra to work hand-in-hand with it.

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Join Our Team

We’re a team of makers in Boston, MA who take great pride in our work and want to create impactful and sustainable company.

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    Boston · Full Time · $75K – $95K · 0.5% – 1.25%
Our Investors

We also have support from some fantastic investors who have grown and empowered teams throughout their own careers. They believe in our vision and want to help us empower employees everywhere.

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“At HubSpot (I helped grow the team from 5 to 1000+ employees), part of what helped us scale fast and still maintain our culture was our extensive use of an internal wiki.”