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Trish Fontanilla testimonial photo

"We spend a lot of time focused on helping our customers succeed, and Tettra has been a great way for us to do the same for employees. Being built into Slack, a tool the team was already using every day, made it a no-brainer to jump on board."

Trish Fontanilla
Director of Customer Experience Freight Farms
What happens when I connect to Slack?
When you connect to Slack we'll look up your name, the name of your team, your team url, and your email. We won't access the content of any of your conversations or files.
Will you send notifications to my Slack team?
We won't send any notifications or messages to your teammates unless you explicitly ask us to later on.
How does Tettra's pricing work?
Our subscriptions are based on the amount of teammates you have who have created accounts in Tettra. We don't charge you for Slack users who never log into Tettra.
How secure is Tettra?
We use regular backups, https encryption, a PCI Service Provider Level 1 payment processor, and world-class web hosting to keep your data safe.
Is there an on-premise version of Tettra?
We don't plan to offer a hosted version of Tettra in the immediate future. We believe that secure web services are the new standard for business applications and take security seriously.
Can I export my Tettra content?
If you do decide Tettra isn't right for you we'll gladly export your content for you in an HTML file. We can perform that export for you within five business days of your request.